Door Replacement

Condo Owners:

If you wish to replace your door, please see below.  Please contact the Board of Directors with your intention prior to installation.

Per our Rules & Regulations

Resolution Number: 2 Resolution Description: Front Door Replacement

Reference Heron Point Document Number: Rules & Regulations Section 6.Reference: FS 718 N/A Purpose: The purpose of this resolution is to clarify existing standards and to preserve consistency in policies and Association documents for owners as it pertains to the replacement of front entry doors.

Resolution: Unit owners are allowed to replace their front door with either a six (6) or eight (8) panel door.
Replacement doors may be constructed of metal or composite material.
Approved by: Board of Directors

Approval Date: April 1, 2014 Revision Date: Released

Wind Load Requirement currently = 150mph

Fire Inspector DeSoto County: 
2nd Floor Condo units must have an inward opening door to allow for adequate clearance in the landing area.

DeSoto County Requirement:



Contractor Assignment Form

Product Spec Sheet

Owner Builder Disclosure Statement (if owner installed).